Capables of

Carrying out restoration works and refurbishing all over the Basque Country area and the South west of France.

Placing the necessary means for carrying on since a bathroom renovation or a kitchen till the construction project of a new single detached house or an apartment building, a hotel, etc.

Achieving what the client is really searching and needs; making real what he has in his mind.

Taking care, give advise and good service to the client in order to make possible that his bath, kitchen or apartment be well finish; that his home be comfortable.

Offering an fair price; not abusive.

Supplying high quality materials, adapting them to the client’s need.

Carrying out works for investors who refurbish old apartments for renting and want to invest a tight-fitting amount of money employing good materials but without ornaments. And also for particular humble clients but who don’t want to be abused with exaggerated prices.

Making refined works complying the client’s requirements. For example, if the client requires the services of a decorator because he is looking for a Premium out of common work, an special work, and he is ready to invest a higher quantity of money. 

(34) 607 673 173

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