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After a previous detailed budget, we do works in homes, commercial premises, companies, etc.

We respect the agreement with the client (with previous budget closed) and we meet the deadlines agreed scrupulously, because we have our own technical teams and professionals. This is an added value, an important advantage because it avoids the problems involved in outsourcing services or working with guilds.

If the customer proposes or demands to us, we can advise you on the materials with which you can get the best result and also about the warehouses in which you will find the best value for money.


We carry out work in plasterboard. Divisions (partitions) to redistribute spaces, false ceilings supported by galvanized metal structure, single plasterboard walls for thermal and acoustic insulation, etc.

What is a single plasterboard wall? it consists of covering a wall that faces the interior or exterior with a plate of plaster (placing in the middle an insulating material) either directly (direct transfer) or on omegas screwed to the wall or on omegas bolted to floor and ceiling without touching the wall (self-supporting transfer). Self-supporting plasterboard walls is ideal for avoiding temperature and sound transmission (no contact transmission).

We also build plaster furniture, such as fireplaces, shelves, etc.

We solve noise problems by soundproofing a particular area of your home or premises, etc. depending on your needs.

We use different effects, textures and techniques to decorate the walls.


ARIZAGA, S.L. also offers the customer the service of:

  • Our architect, who has a great experience and know-how, can help you and be very useful to concrete on a plan and 3D your ideas about the apartment or house that you have projected in your head. So how to submit the Project to the Town Hall, Architects of France and to obtain the building permit, etc.

  • Our interior designer, who also has a great experience and Know how, offers an individualized advice for the redistribution of spaces, recreating spaces in different styles - classic, contemporary, modern, minimalist - and composing a totally personalized and unique environment of your apartment, house, commercial premises, villa, etc.


We have the most competent professionals for the realization of all the painting works. Necessary work that involves a comprehensive or partial reform of a house or a commercial premises.

We paint your apartment, shop, villa, etc. According to your style, in a personalized way.

First, we protect the surfaces (floor, doors and frames, furniture, etc.) of the house with recycled papers and even if necessary the common areas (landing, staircase, lift and portal).

It doesn't matter if your wall is smooth, stucco, with gotelé, wallpaper, etc.

Before painting, we solve the humidity problems and then we protect the surfaces with recycled papers.

We remove the gotelé and the old wallpaper if the customer requires it. We cover all the cracks and fissures, repair any imperfections that the wall may have and sand tem before painting that the wall.

We use eco-friendly materials made of plant resins.

Eco-painting is a fully breathable material. In addition, it is completely biodegradable and meets all safety standards, in addition to being environmentally friendly.

We also carry out spray painting works, lacquered in the cabin. We paint doors, furniture, radiators, etc.

We use different effects, textures and techniques to decorate the walls.


We do wallpaper work.

It is the customer who chooses the right role for their decoration and we place it.

To do this, we need to know the types of wallpaper, which are divided as follows:

Depending on the support:

  • Paper Base: it is the most used throughout history but its use has declined because of its difficulty in installation and advances in TNT, but it is used when a high basis weight is required to make thicker and give consistency (by the visual texture sought).
  • TNT: Paper with nonwoved fabric support, composed of fibers that have joined together without being woved, so they do not form threads. This brings greater resistance.

Depending on the finish:

  • Vinyl: it is a layer of vinyl, in satin or matt finish, that gives greater resistance and makes it ideal to install it in kitchens, bathrooms and complicated areas.
  • No Vinyl: they have a matte finish with multiple visual effects: geometric and floral motifs, brick or stone, textile, etc.

Non-vinyl wallpapers have practically stopped being made.

We accept that it is the client who freely chooses and purchases the materials (paint cans, wallpaper, etc.) that best suit his taste and needs in the warehouse or place he prefers. We take care of going to look for the material bought by the client (without additional cost) where it is indicated to us.

If the client proposes to us, we can advise on the materials with which he can get the best result and also about the stores where he will find the better quality / price ratio.

We aim to make life easier for the client. We take care of everything.

We have our own teams of specialized professionals (bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, tilers, etc.) and with experience. This competitive advantage implies an added value that allows us to adjust prices while maintaining a high level of quality, eliminate intermediaries and avoid the problems that come with outsourcing services or working with guilds and meeting the deadlines agreed with the client.

We carry out professional works, with the maximum guarantees and we get high quality finishes, both technical and aesthetic.

And all this at a reasonable price and with an optimal quality / price level.

Once the work is finished, we clean your house.

We carry out works in the Basque Country (Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya), Navarra and South West of France (Iparralde – Basque Country).

We have numerous references that certify our work, either in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gran Bilbao (Deusto, Guecho, Algorta, Neguri, Plencia, etc.), Barakaldo, Berango, Sopelana, Derio, Sondika or Donostia-San Sebastián, Irún, Zarauz, Zumaya, Guetaria, Eibar, Biarritz, San Juan de Luz, Hendaya, etc. Places where we usually do work.


Contact ARIZAGA, S.L. and request your personalized budget.

We will arrange an appointment and our technicians will advise you personally. 

Do you want to ask for a budget?

Contact ARIZAGA, S.L. and request your personalized budget.

We will arrange an appointment and our technicians will advise you personally.

Type of work: indicate with a cross the type of work that you need to be done.

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