We can do

A bathroom renovation or a Kitchen, etc.

The new electrical installation of an apartment, shop, etc

The new plumbing installation ( changing the water heater ) in the client’s apartment, shop, etc.

The change of the windows.

The installation of a new reinforced - armoured door. / indoor doors.

The soundproofing of an apartment or a shop, etc.

The change of the beams in an apartment or ancient building.

An additional bathroom where necessary.

The total renovation of an apartment, changing electrical installation, plumber installation, doors and windows, floor and ceiling, kitchen and bathrooms and painting.

The redistribution of spaces, falling down the room dividers, joining or separating rooms, adapting the surface to the needs and taste of the client.

Change your apartment style.

The poject and the building or your single house on your plot of land.

An external porch in your single house.

An swimming pool.

A total refurbishing of the roof.

A new façade using the external thermicproofing system or the ventilated façade system.

The waterproofing of a terrace, a box room or a roof.

Humidity to disappear.  

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