We are

Serious people. Commited with your project and we keep our agreements with the client.

Professional people who relay on all the necessary experts for the accomplishment of all the tasks compromised. This advantage makes easier and also more dynamic the progress of our works, without wasting time, differently at what happens when an enterprise outsources with different building related professionals separately. We take responsibility for all, since the cleaning up till the final cleaning of your apartment before delivery.

Responsible and close to our client. We hear and pay attention to the client at every moment. We don’t leave him alone for attending another work. Neither has the necessity of calling us constantly in search of a good service.

Experienced workers. Architects, Bricklayers, Electricians, Framers, Painters, Plumbers, etc . We dedicate at every task the necessary time in order to finish the works well and perfectly round off. Without hurrying up.

Qualified techniciens. We count on the recognized architectural studio ARQUINAVARRA with more than 30 years of recognized trajectory in the Basque Country. They have accomplished works all over Spain, including the Canary islands. This Enterprise has made works of new apartments buildings, single houses, industrial pavilions, shops, office buildings, parking buildings, hotels, etc. Arquinavarra keeps an important staff of up graded techniciens. 

(34) 607 673 173

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