We have the most competent professionals to carry out vertical works.

When the use of the commonly used means (scaffolding, cranes or platforms) is not viable, we have the solution for the development of work at height.

Safety is guaranteed as both Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and ropes, carabiners, helmets, harnesses, etc. are approved and comply with European regulations. In addition, all personnel are properly trained according to current regulations.

We carry out the following works: façade rehabilitation, cleaning and maintenance of gutters, repair of smoke exits, installation of rainwater downpipes, assembly of chimneys, etc.

We carry out professional works, with the maximum guarantees and we get high quality finishes both technical and aesthetic.

We do works on roofs, interior patios, facades, etc.

We respect the agreement with the client and we meet the deadlines agreed scrupulously, because we have our own technical teams and professionals. This is an added value, an important advantage because it avoids the problems involved in outsourcing services or working with guilds.

We advise the client about the materials with which you can get the best result.

We aim to make life easier for the client. We take care of everything.

We have our own teams of specialized professionals (bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, tilers, etc.) and with experience. This competitive advantage allows us to adjust prices maintaining a high level of quality, eliminate intermediaries and meet the deadlines agreed with the client.

And all this at a reasonable price and with an optimal quality / price level.

We carry out works in the Basque Country, Navarra and South West of France.

We have numerous references that certify our work, either in San Sebastián, Irún, Zarauz or Eibar, in Vitoria, in Bilbao, in Barakaldo, Guecho or Portugalete, in Pamplona, Alsasua or Ansoain, in Biarritz, San Juan de Luz or Hendaya. Places where we usually do work.


Contact ARIZAGA, S.L. and request your personalized budget.

We will arrange an appointment and our technicians will advise you personally. 

Vertical works

Do you want to ask for a budget?

Contact ARIZAGA, S.L. and request your personalized budget.

We will arrange an appointment and our technicians will advise you personally.

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