Closure with glass curtains

ARIZAGA, S.L. has the best technicians for the installation and maintenance of installations made with the closing system with GLASS CURTAINS WITHOUT VERTICAL PROFILING. The result is a completely transparent glass curtain with total continuity due to the absence of profiles.

We use efficient glass enclosure systems. Quality systems for the glazing of spaces such as terraces, attics, balconies, porches or interior spaces, etc.

The result we get is the maximum use of space, the entry of natural light and a TOTAL PANORAMIC VISION.

We install glass curtains, sliding curtains, movable or manual mobile roofs, glass rails and windscreens.

The glass curtains can reach different heights and widths.

We use tempered glass, laminates, solar control or any composition that adds 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm thick.

The tempered glass is a thermally treated glass and is safer because in case of break it is fragmented into small non-cutting pieces.

The horizontal profiling - necessary to hold the glasses - is placed in the lower part. The customer can choose any color from the RAL chart. Also anodized and finished in imitation wood.

The glass curtains store the glass sheets at one or the other end of the installation. All glass sheets are stacked together by magnets and only the first sheet should be held to prevent movement of the rest.


We make three series available to the client:

The Basic Pro Series.

It covers the needs of the most demanding clients, with a minimalist design and reduced profiles that cause less visual impact.

It allows height of 2 meters and widths of 70 cm. Using tempered glass 6 to 10 mm thick.

It incorporates a folding emboque completely designed so that it does not hinder the use of other elements such as curtains and fabric curtains. In addition, it has an impeccable finish that minimizes its visual impact, along with any color of the RAL chart, anodized and finished in imitation wood.

It is compatible with the Railling Series

The Standard Series.

It allows height of 3 meters and leaves widths of 80 cm maximum, tempered glasses of 6 to 12 mm thickness, integrated lower profile of 9 mm thickness that is saved with a small ramp to both sides to avoid tripping.

You get a greater visibility, comfort and feeling of spaciousness and freedom achieving a totally panoramic view of the environment.

The configuration options of the Glass Curtain are practically unlimited: closures at different heights, with angles, with the option of a lower guide embedded, ...

Measurements, glasses, finishes and colors complement each other according to all the tastes and needs the appartment or business.

The Star Series.

It allows height of 4 meters and widths of up to 1,140 meters. Tempered glass 10 or 12 mm thick. It is a glass enclosure system without a lower guide.

Unlike the rest of the series, it uses individual glass panels that slide and are not connected to each other. Its operation is easy and simple and safety is guaranteed.

With no lower guide, the system uses latches to anchor to the ground. The installation of glass panels is done without the need for guides or profiles on the floor. To fold and unfold the leaves the system uses a structure located in the upper part that guides them to their parking position, where they are stored.


The Tandem Series

This is a different enclosure system. Designed to achieve maximum panoramic vision and taking advantage of 100% space. In addition, this option that reaches a height of up to 3.5 meters should incorporate sheets of tempered glass, laminate, solar control or other option that adds 10 or 12 mm in thickness. It is the perfect solution for those installations where the weight of the curtains has to fall on the guides, located in the lower part.

With the Tandem system the glass leaves move horizontally, it lacks vertical profiles, it guarantees a total panoramic vision as well as allowing height regulation, multiple safety options and optimization for the evacuation of rainwater.

The sliding system has been developed on a runway made of AISI 316 stainless steel - avoiding deterioration when passing over - and allowing the opening and closing of the entire system by moving only the main leaf.

It can reach up to 3.5 m in height, since the system has two stainless steel tandem bearings whose resistance allows the installation of sheets weighing up to 200 kilos, providing facilities for up to 10 sheets of all types of glass: tempered , laminate, solar control that adds 10 or 12 mm in thickness.

You can choose any color from the RAL chart, anodized and imitation wood. Guaranteed against the weather. In addition, it has cover caps and security locking systems.

This Tandem system is especially indicated for the rehabilitation of hotels and restaurants. Contributing with the installation of this system a remarkable improvement of the external facilities in this type of business.


The Sliding Series

It is a European benchmark in innovation within the glazing market thanks to its excellent features and attractive design: aluminum structure, exclusive anti-stagnation water system, manual or motorized opening drives, possibility of intelligent sensors for opening or closing automatic in the presence of rain or wind.

The mobile roof allows an installation of up to 7 meters deep and widths without limitations. You can use laminated glass, double glazing or glass chamber with a maximum of 22 mm thickness.

On the other hand, the sliding roof is complementary with the glass curtains. Consequently, the result will be an unbeatable enclosure structure to increase the panoramic vision and the entrance of natural light.

As we said, it allows to build structures of up to 7 m deep and a width without limitations and a maximum usable opening of up to 80% of the structure enabling a total vision.

The motorization is hidden. The motor is integrated into the system, being completely hidden while accessible, thus achieving a minimum visual impact. It is a discrete and functional system.

The motorized opening option symbolizes comfort and convenience. The opening or closing movements of the panels are activated by a remote control.

The Sliding Series complies with the most stringent safety standards, as it has been subjected to tests and tests that guarantee its resistance to wind

La Serie Sliding cumple las normas más exigentes en materia de seguridad, ya que ha sido sometida a pruebas y ensayos que garantizan su resistencia al viento y a sobrecargas de nieve según la normativa europea.


The Railling Series.

The Railing Series Glass Railing is the best option for the delimitation of both exterior and interior spaces. They serve to delimit the zone of garden of a house or to install them in the stairs of a house.

We use different glass thicknesses: 6 + 6, 8 + 8, 10 + 10 and 12 + 12 both laminated and tempered-laminated.

With the railings we get a panoramic view, because vertical aluminum profiles are not used. We use a lower profile - on the surface, inlay or side - for fastening.

The safety of the glass used for the construction of glass curtains is guaranteed by tempered glass. This glass has followed a process of manufacture and treatment that prevents that in case of breakage it is produced in small pieces with cutting edges.

The most commonly used types of glass are: tempered, laminated, tempered-laminated and matted.

It is possible to install the railings using a single profile that is installed in an embedded, lateral or surface.

The embedded solution inserts the profile into work by screwing it into the base, leaving only the glass and the upper sealing rubber visible.

In the surface solution, the profile is screwed onto the surface of the floor providing extra protection to the glass since the profile performs the same function as a baseboard or skirting board.

In the lateral solution the profile is screwed to the wall on the outside and an aesthetic cover protector profile is added that is anchored under pressure.


The FLK Series

It is the only system that has automatic opening. In a few seconds, without effort, with a slight pressure on the glass, the system is deployed instantly to delimit terraces, providing a sense of spaciousness, comfort and safety.

In some places attachments are not authorized on public land. With the FLK Series windshield, this problem is avoided thanks to its multiple supports, such as the wheels.

This windbreak system is ideal for businesses that need to protect areas against the wind, as it allows to protect its customers against the elements and at the same time save the views with total brightness.

In the hotel sector, the use of this windbreak system makes customers feel comfortable, protected and safe.

The Windbreak Series

It can be configured up to 1.60 m. of height and 2 m. Wide. It is the ideal instrument for those businesses that require a quick, inexpensive type of installation without works.

Its main advantage is that it allows its assembly and disassembly quickly and safely.

It is especially recommended for those places where the installation of fixed structures is not allowed.

It is also very appropriate and recommended for specific actions.



Glass curtains offer all flexibility options.

They adapt to any space: straight, with angles, polygonal, etc., making possible its installation in almost any project.


The choice of the closure in the glass curtain will depend on the level of security required and the direction of opening of the sheets. We will advise you according to your needs.


It consists of a stainless steel cable that connects the lower and upper latches, triggering them when pulling.



It allows to operate the steel cable by opening the opening latches, while helping us to direct the sheet to its storage place.

It is possible to use the knob both from inside and outside or both at the same time.



It allows to close the main sheet with a key, from both sides of the door, leaving the enclosure fully protected as any security door.



It makes it possible to block the opening of the system by using a key and a lock. It allows protection against external threats and also prevents children from managing the system.

And all this at a reasonable price and with an optimal quality / price level.

We carry out works in the Basque Country (Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya), Navarra and South West of France (Iparralde – Basque Country).

We have numerous references that certify our work, either in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gran Bilbao (Deusto, Guecho, Algorta, Neguri, Plencia, etc.), Barakaldo, Berango, Sopelana, Derio, Sondika or Donostia-San Sebastián, Irún, Zarauz, Zumaya, Guetaria, Eibar, Biarritz, San Juan de Luz, Hendaya, etc. Places where we usually do work.


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