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We have the most competent professionals to carry out the work of replacing the windows of a house or a shop.

We carry out professional works, with the maximum guarantees and we get high quality finishes, both technical and aesthetic.

We do works in apartments, companies, houses, offices, shops, villas, etc.

We only use pvc and aluminum from leading companies worldwide such as Cortizo or Schüco. In the same way, all our windows have the highest quality fittings; of the leading brands such as Cortizo or Roto Franck.

With new windows, both PVC and RTP Aluminum, we get:

  • Energy saving.
  • Limiting condensation.
  • It allows the interior and exterior finish of the windows to be different, thus allowing to maintain the exterior aesthetic of the building and give your home its own style and differentiated.
  • It complies with the requirements of both the Kyoto Protocol and the new Technical Building Code.

All our PVC windows incorporate interior reinforcements using galvanized steel profiles to ensure their robustness and torsional rigidity and thus achieve a perfect sheet and frame closure and overlap and a long life without any deformation.

These aspects are very important because between 25 and 30% of our heating needs are due to heat losses that originate in the windows.

The thermal insulation of a window depends on the quality of the glass and the type of frame carpentry.

The systems of double glass or double window reduce, practically to the half, the loss of heat with respect to the simple glazing and, in addition, diminish the drafts, water condensation and frost formation.

The type of carpentry is also decisive. Some materials such as iron or aluminum are characterized by their high thermal conductivity, so they allow the passage of cold or heat very easily.

Of note are the carpentries called thermal bridge breakage, which contain insulating material between the internal and external part of the frame.

PVC is an optimal non-conductor. Not so aluminum, which originally suffered from condensation and low thermal insulation. That's why RPT Aluminum emerged. But what is Aluminum with Thermal Bridge Break or RTP Aluminum?

  • A thermal bridge is an area where heat is more easily transmitted, by the characteristics of the material or by its thickness. This occurs in insulating glass windows with aluminum frame. The double glazing is a very good insulator, but aluminum is a conductive metal, and can let out a small part of heat. That's why in winter small droplets of condensed water may appear on the window frames.
  • To prevent this heat transmission, thermal bridge breakage is used. It consists in preventing the inner and outer face from having contact with each other, interspersing a bad conductor, thus greatly reducing losses. For aluminum windows a plastic separator profile is usually used in the aluminium profile itself that makes up the window.
  • The most commonly used 'breakage' system for aluminium enclosures are polyamide 6.6 rods reinforced with 25% fiberglass.

Currently, the insulation capacity, both thermal and acoustic, are equivalent in both PVC and Alumino RPT windows, being able to obtain an optimal result depending on the properties of the glass chosen.

Another aspect to take into account is the thermal and acoustic insulation coefficient (μ). Its value varies from 0 to 5. (0 <μ <5). The lower this coefficient, the better the level of thermal and acoustic insulation. In a passive house this coefficient is below the value 1; being its value. approximately 0.50.

To improve this μ coefficient we can resort to the installation of a triple glass.

To achieve a reduction of the heat input from the outside it is advisable to install a glass - the one facing the outside - with LOW EMISSIVE TREATMENT (glass treated with silver oxide). In this way, we can reduce up to 80% the amount of heat (infrared rays) that enters the house. This treatment blocks the infrared radiation that carries the energy of sunlight.

In addition, if we put ARGON - instead of air - in the existing chamber between the two glasses, we can significantly lower the μ coefficient. The explanation is simple physics. Argon is a gas much heavier than air and, therefore, it takes longer to warm up with the sun's rays and, therefore, it takes longer to transmit the heat that the gas is receiving through contact with the outer glass towards the inner crystal.

The ideal distance between the two lenses should be between 16 mm and 18 mm. A greater distance does not lower the coefficient μ. In a house, the normal thing is to place two glasses of 4 mm of thickness separated by a camera with argon gas of 16mm; that is, 4-16-4 Be + Ar (Low Emissive + Argon).

On the other hand, if we need to increase the level of security because it is an exposed house because it is at street level or because it is a commercial place, the most advisable is the installation of SP10 glasses, which carry 6 sheets of polyvinyl butyral ( PVB) 4 + 4 -16- 4 .. The butyral is a very thin transparent sheet (6 butyral sheets are 2 mm thick) with great resistance to the penetration of objects from the outside and which makes the glass practically unbreakable. If we hit a crystal with butyrals with a mallet, we will not be able to break the crystal into many pieces, but it will become a sort of cracked mesh that will remain fixed.

Another advantage that has a laminated glass is its protection against the ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun. This means that people who are inside the house receive less direct light, which results in greater comfort. It prevents high temperatures from being reached easily.

Also, with the laminated crystals a certain acoustic attenuation is achieved.

In addition, the security in a window, is given not only by the glass, but by the closing hardware and the profiling, If the fittings are of low quality or the profile does not have reinforcements of galvanized steel it will be enough to force the window to enter, No need to break the glass.

It is equally important that the boxes of your blinds do not have slits and are conveniently isolated. Otherwise, it will be of little use to change only the windows.

We respect the agreement with the client and we meet the deadlines agreed scrupulously, because we have our own technical teams and professionals. This is an added value, an important advantage because it avoids the problems involved in outsourcing services or working with guilds.

We accept that it is the client who freely chooses and buys the windows that best suit his taste and needs in the warehouse or place he prefers. We take care of going to look for the material bought by the client where it is indicated to us.

If the client proposes to us, we can advise on the materials with which he can get the best result and also about the stores where he will find the better quality / price ratio. Always at the customer's choice.

We aim to make life easier for the client. We take care of everything.

We have our own teams of specialized professionals (bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, tilers, etc.) and with experience. This competitive advantage allows us to adjust prices maintaining a high level of quality, eliminate intermediaries and meet the deadlines agreed with the client.

And all this at a reasonable price and with an optimal quality / price level.

We carry out works in the Basque Country (Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya), Navarra and South West of France (Iparralde - Basque Country).

We have numerous references that certify our work, either in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Gran Bilbao (Deusto, Guecho, Algorta, Neguri, Plencia, etc.), Barakaldo, Berango, Sopelana, Derio, Sondika or Donostia-San Sebastián, Irún, Zarauz, Zumaya, Guetaria, Eibar, Biarritz, San Juan de Luz, Hendaya, etc. Places where we usually do work.


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